Aug 22

The Importance Of Market Research To Your Business

Why is market research important? Market research is important because it provides accurate answers that can help drive positive change within an organization. Without improvements, many companies would not be able to grow or even maintain market share. It becomes even more valuable in a tough economy, when it is essential to focus on working smarter, so to speak.

Through quantitative methods, such as surveys, a company can learn almost anything about its customers, and their interactions with the organization’s products or services. A company could learn about their customers’ likes and dislikes regarding their products. It could also learn about its customers’ attitudes and perceptions of the organization as a whole, or even just parts of it. Moreover, a business would be able to learn more about its current customer demographics, which would in turn allow it to market their products to other people more effectively.

Many start-up companies do not engage in market research, but they would be wise to do so. The data that is gathered from a qualified market research company can mean the difference between success and failure. Many banks require a business plan to apply for funding. Start-ups need a business plan and that requires data. The plan usually includes information on advertising strategies, pricing, competition, location, and target markets. With quantitative data to back the plan, it is easier to make effective decisions.

Small businesses should engage in market research as well. Many small business owners believe that they don’t have enough money to conduct market research. In actuality, small businesses need to do market research to grow. Organizations that choose not to listen to customer feedback may be losing potential income. Customers are happy to share information about products and services if they are asked. Getting customers’ opinions can help small businesses make sure they

Aug 20

How To Start An Online Tutoring Business – A Profitable Business Is Awaiting Here

What if you discovered how to start an online tutoring business? Do you want to know how to start an online tutoring business and what are its requirements to start an online tutoring business?

The purpose of this article is to list down some important aspects to be considered while starting tutoring business online.

Here are step by step details to get you started right now.

Step 1 – How to start an online tutoring business?

The tutoring sector is bound for rising in recent few years. Federal funding of education has increased from 42.2 billion dollars to 54.4 billion dollars. With government intervening in this sector this business has now become a most profitable one. Previously students were merely depending upon their school, college or tuitions professors for teaching them. Today online training programs and tutorials have eliminated the dependency. Many companies are coming up with several ways of learning techniques online. This includes asking and giving answers online to experts, watching videos and understanding things in a better manner.

Step 2 – What is tutoring business online exactly?

Online tutoring business has many aspects. Students face huge difficulty understanding some things in the class and may require personal attention for solving their queries. Online tutoring sessions provide students and also teaching professionals to interact with each other sitting at their home. This also eliminates the time adjustment factor for both of them. Online training sessions are conducted for students one on one basis and sometimes more can join in. This sector has shown huge profits and also many entrepreneurs are aiming to tap this sector.

Step 3 – Important ingredients to be taken care of.

Learn how to start an online tutoring business by arranging the below ingredients:

1. One of the most important problems is of enough

Aug 20

Start-up Your Own Plastic Injection Molding Business

Running your own business is now the favored selection for various people in the current economic climate as satisfying jobs become harder to find, but before you draw your life savings and invest it in your own plastic injection molding business. What do you need to know?

Being the boss means making demanding decisions every calendar day, except they are your decisions and, unlike when you toil for others, you in reality get to make them! Sometimes, and particularly in the plastic injection molding area these decisions have to be made without having all the info you need and you will collect know-how very quickly.

Be shrewd when operating your own business – for certain you like to make wealth, but not at all costs. What are the costs of business compared with just being an employee? You have more responsibility to yourself, your household and staff if you have any – they are all dependent on you for their financial safety. Scary! Operating your own business commonly means functioning longer hours and you may well not make any cash from working those long hours where formerly you may have got paid per hour/day. A guaranteed salary!

However the large bank balance helps!

For your own self respect; imagine the feeling you have compared to being in an everyday occupation or no occupation at all. It is a lot easy going to get out of the sack at daybreak knowing you are constructing a business for yourself and your family; your not doing it for your boss – who you might not even be fond of.

In actuality there are for ever and a day a blend of features at play and no two individual entrepreneur fit the same form; in a significant corporation people become institutionalized however with your

Aug 18

What Do Energy Brokers Do & How Could They Help Your Business To Get The Best Rates On Energy

What do energy brokers do & how can they help your business is something that all large companies should look into as you want to try minimize your energy cost while getting all the energy you need to run your business. An energy broker can come in an audit how your company uses energy in order to get you the best price for energy.

There are several different types of rates that can be used such as a fixed price, a hybrid between a fixed price and index price and a straight index price. Smaller buildings can benefit from having a fixed price as you will be paying lower rates during peak times and then average rates all other times. The savings themselves cannot be seen until you look at your energy costs for the entire year when using a fixed cost.

Fixed price contracts tend to show savings at the end of the year as you will save a lot on peak seasons and then not as much during the lower energy seasons.

One advantage in using an energy broker is that you have an expert in the field of energy and they may have knowledge that you are unaware of. They also can let you know ways in which you can save on energy.

The two main benefits of using an energy broker is that they are experts on energy and will be able to evaluate your companies needs so you get the best price for your energy. They also will save you a lot of time because you have given one person the authority to haggle over details. You will not need to waste time having endless group or board meetings to come to a mutually satisfying contract.

Energy brokers will charge for their services either by getting a percentage of the

Aug 17

Nucerity Business Secrets – What Is The Truth, Scam Or No

When you look at it, Nucerity is recently launched MLM business and has generated quite a bit of interest in it in the network marketing community. But is the whole thing just a scam, or is this company legitimate and worthwhile?

OK, so what is nucerity, as a company, all about? According to their company web page, their selling position is being a “first to market” health and skincare company.

However, what kind of products do they market? Its premier product, and currently only, something called called skincerity. This is basically a skin product providing relief for things like sun burn, common rashes, and itchy dry skin.

So what about the nucerity business and compensation payout plan? It really looks like a basic MLM compensation plan, with 12 ways to earn money, varying from: retail profits, fast start bonuses, to varying levels of higher level achiever bonuses.

Really, Nucerity does indeed look like its a really good network marketing opportunity, with a cutting edge product and generous compensation plan, but only time will tell whether or not customers can sustain a one skincare product company or not.

But, as is the case with any MLM opportunity, the real deal for the nucerity business will be the marketing that its distributors do. That really is the way things become successful, even if they have the latest and greatest products and the best compensation plan.

So, if you are in the Nucerity business, its in your own best interest to learn how to really identify who your target market is, and how to market specifically to them. Even better, learn how to market on the internet, as this gives you the biggest leverage and you can reach the widest audience with it.

If you want to learn more about building and

Aug 16

Getting Rich Which Is Better Starting A Home-based Business Or Second Job

If youre currently between jobs or are experiencing a reduction in your household income for whatever reason, starting a home-based business is a great option to generate additional income. The question is: is it a better option than having a second-job?

Advantages of Starting a Home-Based Business

Having a second-job may be an easier short-term option but it is just thatshort-term. You will most likely burn out and have gained very few new skills that will help you become rich and build wealth. Some of the key benefits of starting a home-based business are:

1.It will teach you some of the rudimentary principles of running a business
2.You dont have to commute to work and deal with office politics
3.You can get started quickly with almost zero capital outlay
4.You will have increased flexibility, autonomy and self-accountability
5.The income generated should be better than the pay from a second job (typically part-time jobs work of low hourly-rates)
6.You should have more time to be with your family, friends and maybe even have some time to devote to your hobbies
7.You might actually like your home-based business but few people truly enjoy their second-jobs!

The # 1 Reason for Starting a Home-Based Business

Whilst all of the reasons cited above are worthy in their own right, if you genuinely want to learn how to get rich and create wealth than I think the No.1 reason for staring a home-based business is because of the business skills you will naturally develop. Apart from doing the job, youll learn about key business functions such as Sales, Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Operations and Human Resources.

Its called Home Based Business not Home-Based Job

Whether youre planning on starting an Internet Business, an Accounting & Bookkeeping service or running

Aug 16

Era Business School Dwarka What It Takes To Make A Top B-school

India is burgeoning in the B-School arena. The country has over 5,000 institutes offering MBAs currently with many more waiting in the wings. Rashmi Bharana, Member on the Governing Board of Era Business School Dwarka and EBS Director, Dr. Sanjiv Marwah, talk about what it takes to make a B-School achieve success and stand out in terms of delivering results.
To begin with, a B-School needs to follow best practices. EBS is anchored by the billion dollar Era Group. By sheer inheritance of being a part of Era Group, we have the corporate reach, interface advantage, a hi-tech campus, and most importantly, we have ensured an experienced faculty that is renowned for its pedagogy. The added advantages include regular weekly industry interfaces. EBS Dwarka has a tie up with Dale Carnegie to provide a certification course for our students in communication and presentation. Also very importantly, EBS methodology of teaching is case based, says Dr. Marwah.
The Era Group felt the need for quality B-Schools quite intensely when they scouted for talent. There was an acute shortage, says Dr. Marwah. Era found there was room to groom more Management talent. The yawning gap had to be filled. But the key, here, was quality. It all fell into place when Rashmi Bharana returned from her MBA programme in Singapore. She was exposed to the best B-School practices and helped implement the EBS Blackboard. It takes care of the complete online academic functioning of EBS.
However, when the Era Group began setting up their B-School, Ms. Bharana found the challenges she faced were many. One challenge was that the MBA was losing its charm as we entered this educational field. And the other was the increasing number of B-Schools. Attracting the right student pool had been a big challenge.

Aug 16

Reliance, Essar And Shell Planning To Re-enter Petrol Pump Business

Private refiners Reliance, Essar and Shell plan to re-enter the petrol pump business in a big way if the government goes ahead with the Kirit Parikh panels recommendation to have free market pricing in petrol and diesel.
The private refiners had shut their pumps down when crude oil jumped to $147 a barrel and the state-owned refiners compensated for selling fuel below costs by the government.
Private refiners are closely watching the government move. Free market pricing of petrol and diesel now is the most appropriate as it is around $70 to $80 a barrel, industry sources said.
The first indication of their aggressive intent came from Essar group chairman Shashi Ruia who said Essar Oil planned to increase its petrol pumps to 2,000 in the next few months from 1,450.
Sources in Reliance Industries said they would re-enter the business if the government provided a level-playing field to the private players.
Terming it a landmark, Credit Analysis and Research (CARE) Limited has called for the immediate implementation of the Kirit Parikh Committee report that has recommended freeing of petrol and diesel prices and a steep hike in LPG and kerosene rates. This was the key to cutting subsidies, it said.
The government needs to strike a balance between reducing the subsidy burden on the public sector companies, reducing the fiscal deficit and managing the current inflationary scenario, given that the economy is in the process of revival and is attempting to restore its buoyancy, CARE said in a statement here.
In the past, the entry of private players in the retail fuel market had resulted in an erosion of about 10 per cent in the market share of the public sector companies.
Sources in the state-owned refiners said they would suffer

Aug 15

4 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Ship Your Aircraft Parts

So you lost your shipment in transit?

Maybe it was a ghost, a thief or an incompetent freight forwarder.

Whatever it was you’re now stuck without the material you bought.

It could have been $20,000, $5 or free, you’re still in a bind.

More than anything, you needed this material for your operation and now it’s on you to deal with the loss, both of time and money.

This thought is frustrating, stressful and may even keep you up at night.

The impact lost aircraft parts has on you

Losing your shorts is embarrassing but losing your valuable assets is down right stressful.

This error not only affects you but impacts your entire maintenance and engineering departments.


I don’t know about you but I take financial losses personal.

When anybody losses something that you’ve put time and money into, it’s personal.

Above all, lost shipment create a bottleneck in your distribution cycle. Is your aircraft undergoing maintenance, do you have an AOG, or was it for your MEL inventory?

Whatever it is, lost shipments double your investment and create bottlenecks.

Simple as that.

The logistical plan of attack

When you arrange for your aircraft parts to be shipped, what’s your strategy?

This may seem like a silly question but having a strategy in place will help you avoid losses, streamline distribution, and secure high value assets.

It’s no longer just giving your supplier an address and account number, it’s about having a 30,000 foot view of your operation.

When you ship there’s 4 key areas to focus on:

– AOG shipment: these are time crucial shipments that should be properly prepared for before they happen. Having an AOG shipper that can accommodate next flight out or aircraft charters is imperative.

– Routine small parcel: Having a proper process for routine small parcel will help you avoid unnecessary delays and additional cost for last minute

Aug 15

Monica Malhotra, Director at MBD Group blending creativity with business intellect

MBD group, as a renowned name in the Indian publishing market has worked its way through hard work and sound business judgment. Working their way up the success ladder, they have around five decades of experience in the Indian market. Owing to this handwork, they have managed to thrive and emerge as leaders in the market today.

Majority of this success is attributed to the minds that work towards developing new business avenues for the company day in and day out. MBD Bosses can be credited for their sound business aptitude coupled with an ambition for broadening their avenues with new and better opportunities. It is this driving force and determination that MBD Group has been able to make a name for itself in the competitive times that exists today.

The publishing company is the only one of its kind to have complete forward and backward integration. Established by founder Shri Ashok Kumar Malhotra, MBD Group under its current directorship has extended to fields other than publication. Some of them include hospitality, real estate, development and management of malls and manufacturing of eco-friendly paper.

The organization is working under the guidance from current Chairperson, S Bala Malhotra, also the wife of founder. Under her valuable leadership, the company has spread its wings and entered international markets. Apart from leading publication house in India, MBD has clients based in Canada, Spain, Bangladesh, USA, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Russia, Nepal, UK, and Gulf countries.

The company is credited for more than 8000 titles, thus managing to take their success to greater heights. Combined efforts come from the upper management at MBD Group, which can be evidently seen in the teamwork from company Directors, Ms Monica Malhotra, and Ms Sonica Malhotra. Thriving in a cutthroat market today has been possible largely due to

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